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Corporate Social Responsibility


"There is forest, there is water, there is life."

Short words arranged into simple sentences to bring forth and communicate the importance of Mother Nature and its forest floor affecting all living things. Our belief is that everything is destined to live closely together, while being friendly to each other. Whether they are the forests, rivers, streams, wildlife, city animals, objects or people. This is a utopian supportive ecosystem we strive for, like a society full of happiness & friendship. The world was meant to be shared together equally with all its other entities. Mingmitr takes a small part in trying to support and uplift this small ecosystem around us.

Reforestation drives & community activities are held under our close-to-heart project "Mit Rak". 

Mit Rak enables us to continuously pass on the intention of loving and caring of our forests in our homeland for future generations. Our drives help build the community and look after the environment passionately. Since Mingmitr is only a small force, we do our part to strengthen the community and environment of our homeland to the best of our level.

We love and thank everyone who has ever been involved with our passion towards the community and environment, sacrificing both their physical and mental strength for a better future. Our hope is that our small project one day helps in an overall improvement of the nature all around us.




Our love for coffee with our passion for nature to "preserve" our forest floors.


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